Cambridge Education Recruiting Service Coordinator – 3 Positions

Cambridge Education (CE) is an education services company that provides expert education consultancy in partnership withgovernments, donors and development agencies around the world. CE has a substantial and expanding portfolio of education projects in Nigeria, and is seeking applications for the following position:

Job Title: In-Service Coordinator

Reporting to: State Team Leader and Deputy National Programme Manager
Responsible for: All State Based Technical Specialists and State Support Team
Grade: D

The Northern States positions are expected to be in northern Nigeria with teams based in some or all of these states: Sokoto, Bauchi, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kebbi, Niger and/or Yobe.

Purpose: The In-Service Coordinator will manage the programme’s interventions in a Northern State and will provide leadership and support to technical specialists working on the different areas of the programme. This will require establishing the framework in which technical assistance work will take place, and coordinating the deployment of technical assistance in the State. The Coordinator may also be assigned State Team Leadership responsibilities.

Job Profile:
The Education Programme is a six-year UK government funded programme designed to provide strategic technical assistance at Federal level and in up to 6 Lead States on teachers’ skills improvement. It aims ultimately at improving student learning.


  • The State In-Service Coordinator (SIC) will be supported by other technical staff and together they will be responsible for oversight and coordination of the technical work at the state level and will ensure that all aspects of the project are consistent with one another so that maximum synergy can be attained.
  • The In-service Coordinator will take responsibility for building sustainable systems of inservice training within the state.
  • The SIC will work closely with others to support state personnel in the design and implementation of such a system.
  • S/he will also ensure that appropriate specialist technical assistance is provided to the state and will quality assure the work of such specialists.
  • S/he will support the development of programme implementation strategies.
  • S/he will support the development of activity plan for the implementation of the programme at the state.
  • S/he will support the management of resources for the implementation of the programme in the state.

In addition, s/he will:

  • Collaborate with the National INSET Technical Lead, State level programme team members, and relevant State level government bodies and other stakeholders, as appropriate, to develop and implement a programme of support to improve the quality, effectiveness and availability of CPD/INSET for primary and lower secondary school teachers in the State, and the capacity within the State to provide such training
  • Support and provide technical lead in the design, development and piloting of an effective, efficient and sustainable CPD model for primary and lower secondary teachers in the State
  • Conduct situational analysis including appraisal of the appropriate focal point and structure, and the current and required resources, for effective and sustainable CPD in the State
  • Coordinate elaboration of a school-based CDP plan for teachers in the State
  • Coordinate the identification, engagement and strengthening of key partners and resources for CPD materials development and programme implementation in the State
  • Coordinate identification of the cadre of trainers for school-based professional development
  • Coordinate the selection and elaboration of classroom based activities, structured authoring templates and teacher development materials for use in the State
  • Coordinate the conduct of pilot exercises to trial and develop CPD processes and materials
  • Coordinate development of a CPD curriculum framework for teacher educators and teachers
  • Coordinate mainstreaming within the State of new approaches, including the use of modern communications technology and audio-visual aids, in CPD activities and classroom teaching
  • Enhance the capacity of teacher educators, head teachers and teachers in the State
  • Ensure lesson learning and dissemination of best practice in CPD at State level
  • Generate synergies and ensure lesson learning between the programme and other efforts in the field of in-service teacher education at State level. Ensure effective dissemination of best practice, within the State and to the programme.

Extent of authority
The State In-Service Coordinator will report to the State Team Leader and the Deputy National Programme Manager and will be responsible for working with other to support the in-service training of teachers in the state. S/he may have direct line management responsibility of the state technical staff, and State Support Team.

Special relationships and contacts
The post will also require close cooperation and collaborative working arrangements with staff and consultants working on programmes in the Governance and other related fields.

Essential competencies / skills

  • Practical knowledge of educational development issues in Nigeria and other countries.
  • Knowledge of current international literature on in-service education of teacher Governance, Institutional Development, Education and the delivery of public services.
  • Knowledge of Nigerian Government and parastatal structures and systems.
  • Knowledge of the capacity constraints that may hamper effective and efficient action.
  • Ability to manage change through other people.
  • Possession of inter-personal skills and the ability to deploy them as and when necessary.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and consistent quality assurance of other professionals’ work.
  • Ability to lead and inspire colleagues, to act as both team leader and team member.

Required academic / professional qualifications, training and experience

  • Degree in educational planning, teacher education or relevant field
  • Professional track record in in-service teacher education and in school teaching
  • Experience and background in fragile environments
  • Proven track record of raising teachers’ standards through INSET/CPD
  • Gender awareness and sensitivity
  • Knowledge of current INSET/CPD practices and initiatives
  • A minimum of a higher degree in a relevant area and with at least 10 years experience of working with the public sector and reform processes in Nigeria.
  • Proven staff and financial management experience.
  • Experience of Planning, Institutional and Organisational Development, Education Management or Public Administration Reform.
  • Experience of managing professional inputs in development assistance programmes.
  • Experience of working with civil society groups.

Application Closing Date
5pm Friday 12 April 2013
Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should be sent by email to
Note: This job description reflects the present requirements of the post. As duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be reviewed and be subject to amendment in consultation with the post holder.

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